Lowongan kerja PT.sumatra persada energi

PT. Sumatera Persada Energi(SPE) is the first private Indonesian Oil &Gas Exploration & Production company, which started from exploration and discovered oil. This is made possible through a combination of entrepreneurial strategy and technical expertise to bring business opportunities and convert them into reality. The company was incorporated in 2005.In 2011 SPE was selected by BP MIGAS as the best Indonesian exploration company, having fulfilled all its performance commitments and obligations and achieving the fastest transition from being an exploration company to producing oil as an exploitation company.Setting our management vision " Among the Best " and its mission “Finding Oil” as the basis of business, SPE is committed to striving toward expanding our global energy outlook and business opportunities in the futureby concentrating on our management resources. SPE is passionate in recruiting young and innovative people in achieving their personal potential that align with the company s goals.Due to successful initial exploration effort, increasing exploration and development activities within the area, we are currently expanding our business and looking for highly qualified, competent and committed professional for Jakarta/ Riau office as:GENERAL MANAGER (GM)Work Location: JakartaPT. Sumatera Persada Energi is an Oil & Gas Exploration/Production company with Petroleum interests in West Kampar area, Sumatera, Indonesia. Witha current focus on strengthening its operation and production, we now seek a General Manager to head up the West Kampar’s operations.As General Manger the scope of your position will be ultimately wide. You need to be able to oversee all functions;including drilling/production, exploration, finance and commercial. Anexcellent staff culture is essential, as well as the ability to build a rapport with all team members of locals. Though not essential, the ideal candidate will come from a Petroleum Engineering/ReservoirEngineering/Geophysical background –as well has an outstanding acknowledgement and capability across operational, finance and negotiation is essential.In return an excellent package is on offer, as well as the opportunity to have a real say in the direction of a company that is going places.Qualifications• Bachelor of Technical Engineering of Petroleum• At least 15 years of experience in oil and gas exploration and production• Between 45 to 55 years oldKey accountabilities1. Responsible and report to the BOD and BOC :• To achieve the vision and mission of the Company, both corporations and PSCv• Submission of work program and budget are aligned between corporate objectives and optimization of oil production, including but not limited to develop new resources and new revenue streams• Submission of regular reports which include the monitoring of targets and realization of operational activities listed in the work program and budget2. Runs the function of coordination strategic, supervision and education to the line managers3. Communication and coordination with SKKMIGAS and stakeholders , relevant government agencies :• Willing to do data sharing and disclosure when requested SKK oil and gas and government.• Maintain confidentiality of the data, except at the request of the Oil and Gas SKKMIGAS.• Supports mandatory training held SKKMIGAS.• Increase communication and transparency between (“PSC") with the Oil and Gas SKKMIGAS.• Coordinate with SKKMIGAS primarily inthe preparation of POD, AFE and WP & B.• Improve coordination with SKKMIGAS in encouragement of HR ("PSC") to participate actively in the activities of Group I, II, III and IV of HR PSC.• Coordinate with local government and local community leaders to overcome barriers caused by the operation of the community around the area of operation.• Coordinate with other stakeholders to support the interests of the corporation as a whole4. Perform the review and comply with Bank Indonesia ( PBI . 14/25/PBI/2012 )5. Finish and close out report 4 (four) months after the work is completed in accordance with the provisions of the AFE approval.6. Submission FQR ( ( Quarterly Financial Report ) and FMR ( Financial Monthly Report ) : Submission FQR sentno later than 20 days after the quarter except for the fourth quarter FQR no later than 30 days after the end of the fiscal year . Submission FMR sent no later than 10 days after the end of the month.7. Comply with laws , government rules and regulations related Supporting Minister for cabotage operations , the environment and safety insurance ( delaying Head of Inspector )8. Running the oil and gas operations inaccordance with the rules of good engineering and HSE9. Perform zero accident to avoid a fatality accident10. Prioritize the use of domestic goodsand services and utilize as much as possible the content of Domestic Component (DCL), including the use of state-owned banks.11. Supports Oil and Gas SKKMIGAS policy that funds are still dispute the audit findings are placed in an escrow account until the issue is stated clear.12. National Labor develop competencewith technology transfer and internationalization13. Maintain smooth operations and continuity of production, including the anticipation of external disturbances and social factors.14. Keeping the environment with reference to international standards for HSE issues and legislation in force in Indonesia.15. Compliance with government regulations , laws , rules and standards of good engineering : Comply with and obey all of the Law , provisions of Government and Work Procedures Guideline ( PTK ) in SKK in managing and regulating oil and gas activities in the Upstream Oil and Gas ( " PSC " ) , among others, PTK 007 revision 2 of theprocurement of goods and services , TOD 018/PTK/X/2008 revision 1 of the PSC and the HR management 032/PTK/VII/2009 TOD Working Arrangement onGuidelines for Oil and Gas Operations Representative SKKMIGASSR. PRODUCTION ENGINEER (SPE)Work Location: JakartaKey accountabilities• Design artificial lift (PU) for new wells• Initiate well service/ well repair for existing wells• Production optimization of existing wells• Monitoring production performance• Mastering in troubleshooting on problem wells• Design well stimulation (acid wash, paraffin , surfactant)• Monitoring crude quality• Monitoring performance of oil field chemical• Production reporting to SKKMIGAS, daily basis• Prepare lifting nomination (target lifting)• Participate in meeting with SKKMIGAS,PSC, and coordination meeting• Initiate to propose production equipment, process flow for new gathering station• Participate in preparing WP&B, POD, POP• Providing data to management and finance• Willing to go/stay at well site when neededRequirements:• Male, between 38 to 45 yrs• Bachelor degree, petroleum engineer• GPA > 3.00 from scale of 4.00• Minimum 8 years experience in oil andgas company• Good command in English• Proficient with computer applicationSR. DRILLING ENGINEER (SDE)Work Location: JakartaKey accountabilities:• Prepare, plans, program, costs, logistical, and schedules for drilling activities• Proficient in drilling and service contracts, engineering design and well planning• Monitoring drilling progress, oversee safety management and ensure the protection of the environment• Must possess good management skill and experience in handling a drilling project• An individual performer and a good team player• Willing to go/stay at well site when neededRequirements:• Male, between 38 to 45 yrs• Bachelor degree with subject in engineering, preferably in petroleum or mechanical• GPA > 3.00 from scale of 4.00• Minimum 8 years of experience in drilling covering from engineering and operational onshore operations• APB III certified preferred• Proficient in English (written and oral)EXECUTIVE SECRETARY (ES)Work Location: JakartaKey Responsibilities:• Have the ability of:- Minutes Meeting and Reports- Administration skill related with Ms. Excel, Ms. Word, Power Point, and PDF- Internet- Booking tickets and accommodation- Correspondence- Documentation- General reservations• Honest, polite, conscientious, disciplined, responsible, Able to work hard and a “can do" attitude person• Have a commitment to maintain confidentiality.• Able to work under pressureRequirements:• Female, max 34 yrs, preferably single• Good personality and attractive appearance• GPA > 3.00 from scale of 4.00• D3 / Bachelor secretarial• Experience as a secretary in the oil & gas companies at least 2 years would be an advantagePlease write in with a full resume, present and expected salaries and contact telephone numbers, together with any other relevant information and send it with job-code to: recruitment-spe@asiabumi.com until June 30th 2014.All submissions will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.


Lowongan Kerja PT Semen Gresik Juni 2014

PT Semen Gresik, anggota Semen Indonesa GroupKesempatan ber Karir PT Semen GresikLowongan Kerja PT Semen Gresik bulan Juni 2014SARJANA (STRATA-1)*.TEKNIK KIMIA*.TEKNIK MESIN*.TEKNIK ELEKTRO (ELEKTRONIKA)*.TEKNIK ELEKTRO (ARUS KUAT)*.TEKNIK INDUSTRI*.TEKNIK SIPIL*.TEKNIK TAMBANG*.TEKNIK GEOLOGI*.TEKNIK FISIKA*.TEKNIK LINGKUNGAN*.TEKNIK K3*.TEKNIK INFORMATIKA*.SISTEM INFORMASI*.AKUNTANSI*.MANAJEMEN*.PSIKOLOGI*.HUKUM (PERDATA/BISNIS)*.KOMUNIKASIPersyaratan Umum:*.WNI*.Lulusan minimal Sarjana S1/D4*.IPK minimal 3,00 (skala 4)*.Usia maksimal 30 tahun per 23 Mei 2014*.Sehat Jasmani dan rohani*.Berkelakuan baik, tidak pernah terlibat tindak kriminal dan penyalahgunaan NAPZA*.Bersedia ditempatkan diseluruh wilayah kerja perusahaan.Registrasi Online (Batas akhir 02 Juni 2014)


Lowongan kerja IT bank BCA

Lowongan Kerja IT di Bank BCA Juni 201428May2014BCA Recruitment DayAda Anda di Masa Depan KamiSelasa, 3 Juni 2014Ruang Meeting 3 Kampus Paingan GedungPusat, Lantai 3Universitas Sanata DharmaPaingan, Maguwoharjo, Depok, Sleman, YogyakartaJalur karir yang jelas, sistem appraisal yang transparan, kompensasi dan benefit yang kompetitf, dan kesempatan mengembangkan diri secara kontinu dengan berbagai training didalam dan luar negeri.Itulah yang kami sediakan untuk SDM kami, karena kami sadar bahwa merekalah yang membuat BCA menjadi bank swasta terbesar di Indonesia.Bekerjasama dengan PT Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi (Adins), kini kami membuka kesempatan bagi Anda untuk bergabung dengan BCA melalu Program IT Trainee BCAPersyaratan:- Mahasiswa tingkat akhir/lulusan S1 dari jurusan Teknik Informatika/Sistem Informasi/ Ilmu Komputer/ Teknik Elektro/ jurusan lain dibidang IT- IPK minimum 3.00 (skala 4.00)- Tidak ada nilai D untuk mata kuliah programming- Usia maksimal 25 tahun- Tidak pernah terlibat narkoba atau pelanggaran hukum lainnya- Bersedia mengikuti proses seleksi teknis,psikotes, wawancara- Bersedia menjalani pelatihan penuh waktu & penempatan kerja di Jakarta- Bersedia menjalani ikatan dinasPENDAFTARAN: Kirimkan lamaran lengkap Anda ke email dian.ap@ad-ins.com dengan subyek “ACE20-USD” atau Langsung bawa surat lamaran Anda dan datang ke tempat pelaksanaan acaranya.


Lowongan Kerja PT Kereta Api (persero)

Lowongan Kerja PT Kereta Api (persero) - PT Kereta Api yang awal mulanya masuk ke Indonesia sejak penjajahan belanda merupakan sebuah perusahaan BUMN yang begerak di bidang jasa transportasi. Tujuan awal didirikannya perusahaan Kereta Api pada awalnya adalah sarana logistik dan politik untuk kepentingan strategi peperangan pemerintah Hindia Belanda hasil bumi dari Indonesia. PT Kereta Api (Persero) bermisi mengangkut penumpang dan atau barang secara masal untuk mendukung sistem transportasi nasional Indonesia yang murah dan tepat. Saat ini BUMN PT Kereta Api (Persero) telah menjadi modal transportasi yang sangat relevan, namun fasilitas dan keamanan masih belum tercukupi, sehingga masih banyak terjadi kecelakaan yang berujung pada kematian. 

PT Kereta Api (persero) 2013 khusus wilayah Jakarta pada saat ini sedang mengalami gangguan akibat banjir yang melanda Ibu kota, itu tentunya sangat meresahkan masyarakat yang sudah terbiasa menggunakan jasa Kereta Api. Bulan ini PT Kereta Api (Persero) kembali membuka Lowongan Kerja Januari 2013 dengan Kualifikasi sebagai berikut: 

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru 2013 PT Kereta Api (persero) 

Customer Service (CS) 
1 Minimal pendidikan D1 semua jurusan 
2 Usia Minimal 18 tahun dan maksimal 25 tahun 
3 Belum menikah Komunikatif dan siap tantangan 
4 Mampu berbahasa Inggris aktif Siap kerja shift 
5 Berpenampilan menarik 
6 Tinggi badan dan berat badan ideal 

Benefit dari PT Kereta Api (persero): 

Gaji UMR Jamsostek Jenjang karir Jika anda tertarik dengan Lowongan Kerja 2013 PT Kereta Api (persero), segera kirimkan surat lamaran, cv, foto terbaru dan fotocopy ijazah anda melalui alamat di bawah ini: PT Kereta Api (persero) PT Reska Multi Usaha (Outsorcing PT Kereta Api) Jln Taman Tawang no 1 Semarang. UP: Bp Nugroho Tlp: 087731117338.
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